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Hajime Masite

 投稿者:boraメール  投稿日:2006年 3月21日(火)00時17分24秒
  ??????, 倚??????.
I'm webmaster of Korean Railroad Travel & 猜 information site, http://ilovetrain.com.
I usually go looking for Korean 猜 and 遍豁羮 uploading pictures. Most of Korean Stations are already uploaded, but I still couldn't find many of Korean old railways with 猜.
I really impressed your site about Korean 猜, especially information with map was so helpful.
So, I should say to you "THANK YOU".
Have a nice day, and see you some day if chance comes. (smile ^^;)
If you have a time, visit my site (http://ilovetrain.com - Korean Translation needed). Bye !



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